Enter-Sell-Store (ERP) Information Management System

Enter-Sell-Store (ERP) Information Management System

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The purchase, sales and inventory management system (ERP) is used to track and manage the whole process of material flow and capital flow in the production and operation of enterprises. From the receipt of orders, you can enter material purchase, entry, distribute, product entry, delivery, payment recovery, payment for raw materials, etc. Each step provides you with detailed and accurate data. Effectively assist enterprises to solve business problems in business management, distribution management, inventory management, implementation and monitoring of marketing plans, collection of statistical information, etc. Purchase, sales and inventory management system is the circular system of the enterprise and the material basis of the production and operation activities of the whole enterprise. In a certain sense, the production and operation activities of an enterprise, from material procurement, product production and processing to product sales, are the process of material conversion and flow. The operation and efficiency of inventory management system directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises. From the perspective of the whole enterprise logistics, we has realized the integration of inventory, procurement and sales logistics, and integrated with production, finance and other subsystems. The purchase, sales and inventory management system helps enterprises reasonably allocate logistics resources, dynamically control logistics trends, effectively ensure the supply of production and operation activities, reduce the occupation of inventory funds, improve the turnover efficiency of goods, reduce procurement and sales costs, and create good economic benefits for enterprises. The prototype design of purchase, sales and inventory management system includes several subsystems: commodity inventory management, purchase management, shipment and sales management, data report, fund management, warehouse management and permission management.

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